Saturday, August 25, 2012


August is corn-on-the-cob season in Colorado, where Ben and I grew up.  We always loved the luscious sweet corn that the famers raised in our little Western Colorado town, but after we left for Texas, that area became famous for their sweet corn.  Marketed as "Olathe Sweet Corn" or "Mountain Fresh", this super sweet, tender-kerneled stuff is popular all over now-- even as far away as Texas.  What a sentimental surprise it was one hot August day when I saw "Olathe Sweet Corn" on display at our local grocery store!  Now, every year about this time, it comes in for just a very few days, and I make my purchase very smugly because well, I actually know what I'm buying :)  Of course, I can't help but smile at the teasing I would be getting "back home" if they knew I was paying about 33 cents per ear when, even in 2012, the going price at the height of the season is 10 ears for a dollar at roadside stands and not much more in the grocery stores.  Well, they have to truck it a long way!  So much for "going local", but I consider this a necessary exception!
Mostly, this corn, or any fresh corn on the cob, deserves to just be enjoyed "straight", ie, boiled or roasted and buttered.  But I'd been thinking of this idea for awhile and had to try it-- bacon wrapped corn, slow-roasted in the oven!  It sounded good in theory-- it's bacon and corn for gosh sakes!  Anyway, so I tried it with this year's corny treasure and it was good!!!  The bacon basted the corn in yumminess as it slowly crisped in the oven and the corn cooked up tender, sweet, and slightly smokey.  Plus, the recipe is super easy!  The only thing to know is that it takes a long time to cook.  You want to roast the corn slowly so that it cooks properly without becoming parched corn, and the bacon needs to get good and crisp.  Anyway, here's the "recipe" if you can call it that!  It was delicious with the fresh Colorado corn, but I think this method could be used successfully with any corn on the cob-- even frozen (thawed out a little)!  I guess bacon really does make everything better!


Fresh ears of corn on the cob
Two or three strips of bacon per ear of corn
butter, softened
black pepper

Preheat the oven to 350F.  You need a sheet pan and wire baking rack.
Husk the corn and remove the silky strings.  Rinse the corn and dry them well with paper towels.  Rub each cob lightly with some butter, then sprinkle with pepper lightly. 
Wrap bacon around the cobs, securing here and there with toothpicks.  Leave a little space between the wraps, but not too much.  As the bacon cooks and shrinks, more corn will be exposed.
Place on the baking rack.  Bake 45-60 minutes, turning the cobs over once in awhile with tongs.  The corn should be tender and the bacon crisp when they are done. 
Serve immediately-- Yay!
Note:  For us, the bacon and bit of butter added enough salt, but it can be added to taste, of course!

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