Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Garden Update!

Can you believe this?  The "slit bag of potting soil" garden really works!!  You might remember my post of the seedlings just sprouting up.  They are healthy and vigorous plants now and all I've done is water them.  The plastic bag keeps all weeds away, and moisture in also.  I'm going to try some other veggies with this method!  I think any vine plants like zucchini or cucumbers might work well.
The only drawback is you have a not so nice looking bag of potting soil just sitting on your patio.  My friend Terry, a very skillful gardener and decorator, suggested that I cover the bags with burlap first next time.  I'm thinking I can just sew up some potting soil "pillow cases" !  
Here are photos of how the other plants are doing so far.
The bean plants in their new containers.  I got mixed up and don't know which are the pole varieties now.  Guess I'll find out soon enough!

Aggie Plum is the first tomato plant to set anything.  The cool weather and lack of sunshine has not been good for plant growth, but I have total faith that the Texas summer will be sunny and hot!

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