Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Grill-- Dad Cooks Dinner!

Happy Mother's Day, all you lovely Moms!  
We celebrated "my" day yesterday. You might have noticed that our family takes a lot of liberties with these holiday dates.  Most of the time, we prefer celebrating at home instead of going to a restaurant; so we choose the day when we have time to cook and enjoy our meal!  Holidays are more fun with flexibility and, sometimes, the dates are more of a "suggestion"!
This Mother's Day, Ben offered to be in charge of dinner!  We planned and shopped together, then he took over, including the clean-up!! Yay!  
Why is it that Father's Day is always the grilling day?  Our May Texas weather is wonderful and yesterday was a beautiful day to be outside.  Besides, Dads are usually more enthusiastic about cooking when it involves fire :)  
Our menu was:  Oyster's Mignonette (a recipe from Ben's "Men's Journal"-- or his "Stag Mag" as he terms it.....), Baby Back Ribs, and green beans with new potatoes.  I offered to make the veggies since 1.  vegetables don't usually occur to Ben and 2.  I had a lot of fresh green beans from my container garden (see a few posts back!) and new potatoes from the Farmer's Market, so I wanted to be sure to use them!  
Ben is the "Rib King" when it comes to smoking, but since we got a late start, he baked them low and slow, seasoned and wrapped in foil-- 325F for two hours.  Then he finished them on the grill to brown them well, give them the good grill flavor, and brush them down with some good barbecue sauce!  They were tender and moist!
Anyway, the dinner was delicious and the hit of the meal was the oysters!  They are now my new favorite way to eat oysters, the old favorite was Oysters Rockefeller--also yummy, but I digress......  As you can see, the oysters are first placed on the grill to get them opened.  Then a lovely, lemony, herby sauce is spooned over each oyster.  A small slice of prosciutto is place over the oyster and they are run under the broiler just until the prosciutto begins to curl and sizzle.  Oh, wow, they are super good!   
So, here's the recipe!  And again, Happy Mother's Day, Moms!  You Are Awesome!

Grilled Oysters Mignotte (adapted from Men's Journal magazine)
8 fresh oysters in the shell
1 large, thin slice prosciutto, sliced into 8 pieces
4 Tbl. olive oil
1 Tbl. minced chives
1 Tbl. minced English mint
1 Tbl. minced red onion
4 Tbl. lemon juice
1 tsp. grated lemon zest
1/4 tsp. red pepper flakes
salt and pepper to taste
Mix everything except the oysters and prosciutto in a small bowl to make the dressing.  Set aside.
Heat the broiler on "HI".
Place the oysters over a hot grill fire with the deepest shell side down.  Soon they will steam and open just a bit.  Take them off with tongs or a silicon glove.  Holding them with a towel or silicon glove, use a butter knife to pry them open.   Let the oyster rest on the deeper side shell and place on a heat proof plate.  Spoon the dressing over and place a piece of prosciutto over each oyster.  Run the plate under the broiler just until the prosciutto begins to curl-- maybe a minute.
Serve immediately!  Yum!!!


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